Discussion forum on chapter readings

 REQUIRED TEXT BOOK : C. Langley; C. John Langley; Robert A. Novack; Brian Gibson; John J. Coyle (2016)  Supply Chain Management (12th Edition). Publisher: Cengage South-Western   

 Chapter 10:  Distribution-Managing Fulfillment Operations 


After reading and reviewing this week’s text.  Reflect and discuss the following questions:

  1. Discuss the role of distribution in the supply chain. Provide examples of how distribution operations can positively and negatively affect supply chain performance.
  2. Compare and contrast the four primary functions of a DC: accumulation, sortation, allocation, and assortment.
  3. Discuss the primary tradeoffs that must be made between distribution and other logistics activities.
  4. Describe the major challenges faced by distribution managers in the current environment.

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