Journal entry: language pragmatics | human communication | Georgia State University



To complete this assignment, choose ONE AND ONLY ONE of the following scenarios, consider how you would respond in the situation, answering the prompt questions to guide your journal entry. 

Your Task (Respond to ONE of the following scenarios)

Scenario 1:Parenting and Language 

When and if you become a parent, how would you respond to your child’s grammar when conversing with the child? 

Respond to the following questions:

  • Would you allow mistakes to continue, assuming the child will grow out of them?
  • Or would you closely monitor your child’s grammar and correct mistakes when you hear them? Consider the age of the child.  Would this factor make a difference in your approach? Explain your answer. 

Scenario 2: Family and Friends: Language Pragmatics 

Consider the language pragmatics, ability to adapt language to different situations and relationships. 

Respond to the following questions:

  • How effective are they at language pragmatics?  How effective are you?
  • Describe a situation in which you, a friend or family member showed pragmatic language skills.  Describe another where language pragmatics were not utilized effectively. 
  • What factors or variables might have contributed to the different outcomes? 


General Guidelines

  1. Meet the posted due dates & time for the assignment.
  2. Plan ahead, don’t leave your writing to the last minute. 
  3. Fully explain your responses, incorporating reasoning and detailed examples to illustrate the ideas you are advancing.
  4. Do not simply summarize the readings, you must actually ENGAGE the material and make sure you fully address the prompt.
  5. Journal Entries should be sufficient in length (1-2 pages).
  6. Make sure responses are classroom appropriate.
  7. Upload Word document or PDF file to the correct Assessments / Assignments folder for that assignment.